Degree Programs

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  • Associates
  • Bachelor
  • Graduate
  • Christian Counseling
  • Online Distance Learning

    The Online Distance Learning program is run separately from the Residence College although the policies and procedures are similar. Distance Learning students are not active participants of in-house classes but instead review material and submit work from their home.

    Study work consists of "short answer" questions, and the student is expected to participate in an activity or final for each course. Undergraduate Distance Learning students are allowed to take three courses per quarter; Graduate students take two courses per quarter. If a student shows academic proficiency with this load of work, he or she may be permitted to enroll in additional courses per quarter.

    Students are expected to finish course work within the quarter of enrollment in the class, but if necessary, students may finish the course in a later quarter incurring a late fee of $10 per course. First quarter students are given a grace period of a two weeks for completion of their first quarter classes. Students who begin in the middle of a quarter can take an extra quarter without penalty for grading.

    Payment plans must be completed in the specified time limit or additional fees of $10 will be due for each late payment. Click here for details.

    Students must attend a minimum of six months in the Distance Learning program before earning a degree. Read more about our Online Degree Programs...