We are a member of the Apostolic Council on Educational Accountability and Summit Bible College is an IRS 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization which issues degrees in Theology.

Summit Bible College is also pursuing federal accreditation. We are affiliated with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). The ABHE is recognized by the Department of Education as a National Accreditation Agency.

We have had our degrees approved by several denominations and churches and have never had our degrees denied by any Christian ministry. Check on your specific ministry's needs for accreditation. Some secular institutions and universities have accepted the earned degrees for our alumni as professors and for several secular positions. Check with your prospective employer or college.

Above all, we stand on the following scripture as God's approval for what we do:

So shall My Word be that goes forth out of My mouth: It shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
—Isaiah 55:11


  1. To better students' understanding of the Word of God.
  2. To help students effectively apply the Word of God to their lives, their ministry, and the community.
  3. To provide experiences that give students a substantial degree of expertise in preparing for their chosen area of ministry.
  4. To maintain a close liaison with the churches and other ministries to determine a need for the development of new instructional programs.
  5. To provide a practical method of acquiring a comprehensive degree in a specific field of ministry.
  6. To help students obtain licenses and ordination to minister for Christ and become registered with support organizations.

Regarding Our Curriculum

We have curriculum that deals with all facets of Christian ministry including Christian counseling, leadership, missions and evangelism, worship, the call of God, the gifts of God, and Christian studies. These classes are based on the proven ministries and study of the godly men and women listed below.

  • Anders, Max
  • Anderson, Dr. Neil T.
  • Anderson, J. Kirby
  • Anderson, Robert C.
  • Barna, George
  • Bernal, Dick
  • Bicket, Zenas
  • Boice, James
  • Boschman, Lamar
  • Braga, James
  • Brandt, Robert
  • Bright, Bill
  • Brown, William
  • Brubeck, Mark
  • Bruce, F.F.
  • Chavda, Mahesh
  • Cohen, Gary
  • Crist, Terry
  • Damazio, Frank
  • Dawson, John
  • DeArteaga, William
  • Dobson, Dr. James
  • Duduit, Michael
  • Ebinger, Warren & Mary
  • Edman, V. Raymond
  • Ellis, E.
  • Forward, David
  • Gangel, Kenneth O.
  • Garlington, Joseph L.
  • Geisler, Norman L.
  • Geppert, Mark
  • Gray, Steve
  • Hayford, Jack
  • Heflin, Wallace
  • Hiebert, Paul G.
  • Huggins, Dr. Kevin
  • Hybells, Bill
  • Ireland, David
  • Jacobs, Cindy
  • Kane, J. Herbert
  • Keefauver, Larry
  • Kennedy, D. James
  • Kenoly, Ron
  • King, Claude
  • Kirban, Salem
  • Kraeuter, Tom
  • LaHaye, Tim
  • Larson, Bob
  • Leman, Dr. Kevin
  • London, H.B.
  • Lucado, Max
  • Lutzer, Erwin W.
  • MacArthur, John
  • Maxwell, John C.
  • McDowell, Josh
  • McGee, Robert
  • Mears, Henrietta
  • Milne, Bruce
  • Minrth, Dr. Frank
  • Moyer, R. Larry
  • Murray, Andrew
  • Mylander, Charles
  • Nappa, Mike
  • Navarro, Kevin J.
  • Neill, Stephen
  • Reed, Alvin
  • Robinson, Beth
  • Sanders, J. Oswald
  • Sanders, Randolph
  • Shelley, Bruce
  • Simpson, A.B.
  • Smith, Alice
  • Sorge, Bob
  • Sproul, R.C.
  • Stebbins, Tom
  • Stott, John
  • Strobel, Lee
  • Swindoll, Chuck
  • Taylor, William D.
  • Telford, Tom
  • Thomas, Major W. Ian
  • Tidwell, Charles A.
  • Van Egen, Charles
  • Virkler, Henry
  • Von Rheenen, Gailyn
  • Wagner, C. Peter
  • Wallis, Arthur
  • Watson, Jeffrey
  • Webber, Robert E.
  • Wiersbe, Warren
  • Wommack, Andrew
  • Wood, Christine
  • Wright, Christopher J. H.
  • Wright, H. Norman
  • Yates, John & Susan