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Our Support - Together... with God's help... we will succeed!

bible collegeThrough SBC you can open an extension campus that will meet all of your expectations for the finest in Bible teaching and ministry training.  SBC alleviates the administrative burden and time consuming tasks and responsibilities associated with a university level Bible school.

How Can We Help You?

•  Administrative Support & Training . Benefit from our Academic Management System: Grader™, as well as our experienced staff and technical support to train, assist and facilitate your team.

•  Media Marketing Technology.  Discover how to promote your ministry online using the latest business marketing strategies, video marketing and social media.

•  Recruitment Training . Attain & Retain Business! Learn the Recruiting mentality, and many other team building techniques.

For more information, please read the following PDF documents outlining our affiliate programs: SBC Program Advantages, Academic Management System: Grader™, SBC Program Brochure

Did you know that we allow you to use our curriculum, our expertise, and our administration to open up a Bible college at your church or ministry? If you would like to be considered for an extension campus and part of the Summit's leadership, please email us or call Summit Bible College at 661-328-1151 and ask to speak with Dr. Victor.

**We currently have extension campuses in Kalispell, Delano, Fresno, Louisiana, MB Church, Vallejo and Visalia.


Some ways opening an Extension Campus can benefit you and your church:

· It is a great vehicle to equip and train your leadership!
· You will have an organized system for college degrees and education.
· We do all of the administration for transcripts and degrees.
· Billing is handled by an outside organization called PaySimple.
· Summit’s Curriculum is from proven ministry leaders in the U.S. Books and authors you can rely on.

We have a way for your students to enroll automatically online, download the college catalog, pay by check, credit card, or money order, and view live broadcasts of our classes. Your students will have access to our advisors by e-mail or phone.

Description of Some of the SBC Services for EC’s

Academic Management System: Grader™ - The Grader™ program helps you to organize Students, Professors, Class Rosters and Transcripts. This is what the Grader™ Program can do: Administrator can enroll initial students’ contact information; Students or administrators can register students for classes; Class Rosters are generated; Professors or Administrators can enter grades; Transcripts are automatically generated; Unofficial transcripts are available for students; Students can update their contact info.

Click here for a demonstration of our Grader™ program.

ask us about our Testing Program – The iGiveTest program is available for open book testing for reading assignments. They are automatically graded for Students.

ask us about our Professor Grading Tool – Excel spreadsheet pre formulated to calculate grade averages downloaded from iGive Test program, assignments and finals.

d. Online Videos for Classes – Available for use as a group. (If students take them individually by distance classes the student will pay $100 per class.)