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Professor Lowell Lueck

What Summit provides is an opportunity to break out of the job mentality and into the ministry to become trained and prepared to lead and serve.

Jeff Ward

I am 50 years old and thought it was too late for a formal education, until I spoke with a couple students at Summit. I decided to try it and have really enjoyed it. It has been a challenge, but I have grown and learned as a result. My confidence in the Lord to equip His people has never been stronger.

Pastor Dorian R. Williams

I have been operating in the gospel ministry for over 13 years, as well as serving my country as an officer in the United States Air Force. As a Pastor of 200+, I could not find time to further my education until a friend told me about Summit. After receiving my third secular college degree, I was in desperate search of a Christ-centered education, and I did not want to attend one of those "Diploma Mill" schools. I wanted to work for my degree, while knowing after graduation that I have earned the title of Doctor! The virtual classes and correspondence courses were a perfect fit for my busy schedule and my spiritual hunger.

It is an honor to be an alumnus of this Spirit-led institution, and I will proudly hang this diploma next to my others. The course work was intense, and I loved the fact that the textbooks were from current pioneers like Mahesh Chavda, as well as classical pioneers such as F.F. Bruce.

I am proud to be an aerospace/human factors engineer, but I am prouder to be a theologian. I would recommend SBC to anyone who is serious about receiving a Godly education!

Pastor Dorian R. Williams
Lester Gospel Fellowship
Okinawa, Japan

Kathy F.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Summit Bible College classes. The staff is great, the instructors are incredible, and it's been a pleasure to interact with other students in the classroom who love the Lord and love to learn. It's been a great experience!

Mark Marquez

My Bachelor of Science helped me to substitute teach and tutor Native Americans. I later was selected to a youth director position for the Jicarilla Apache Tribe in Dulce, NM. I helped to bring both secular and religious programs to the community. I later got married, and my wife and I were selected to work for AMEN ministries in Azusa, California. As a development director, I assisted ministers to training programs from all over North America and South America.

I returned to New Mexico to help my mother, and I worked with my brother's ministry as an editor for the Resurrection Newspaper, a local resource for gospel readers. I then became a teacher where I now help and teach Navajo students at Rock Point Community School. God has helped me at every turn. It has been a struggle but through His Word and by finishing my master's degree and now working for a doctorate in counseling, I want to help those who are lost both mentally and spiritually. Pray for my personal ministry. Summit has given me an opportunity to meet those challenges I face daily through excellent courses.

Mark Marquez
Minister to the Hopi, Apache, and Navajo

Donna Taylor

After going on two missionary trips I decided that I had a great passion for bringing the word of God to other countries. However, I felt that I needed more theological education. I decided it was time to go back to school. I applied to Summit for three reasons. First, I could take correspondence classes at my own pace. Second, it was a smaller college where I'd be able to communicate with my advisers. Lastly, it was affordable.

The staff at Summit was very helpful when I applied to the college. When experiencing several complications with taking the virtual class, they helped me through it. They suggested I take my classes independently due to computer problems. This has worked out wonderful for me. I have been fortunate to have an excellent advisor Brandon Gunderson. He has helped me with every question I have had regarding my classes, and helped me in choosing the right classes to take. What makes Summit different from other colleges I have attended? They care about their students individually.

Recently I went to India on my third missionary trip with my husband. I corresponded almost every day with my advisor, Brandon Gunderson, who encouraged me on my trip. This was comforting as I was away from home in a country where Christianity is frowned upon. There was a time when the pastor I was with had threats against his life. I knew that Brandon as well as the staff were praying for us, which greatly helped. I was encouraged to send pictures of my trip and tell of the experiences I had there. This was refreshing since a lot of people don't understand what the great commission is all about and the emotional rollercoaster that goes along with a missionary trip.

What has Summit done for me? It has made me feel more confident in my faith and sharing it with others. The texts have been extremely informative and useful. Summit has given me the courage to continue my education. I was originally going for my bachelor's, but have decided to go for my master's. I am thankful to Summit and their commitment to giving their students an excellent education.

Dr. Treva Free-Kimbrough

When I think about my experience at Summit Bible College, I think about my calling, my purpose, and my destiny. I have always enjoyed education, and I have consistently pursued undergraduate and graduate academic degrees in social work, education, and business administration. Yes, these are wonderful achievements; however, I found that they were not enough. I still knew that something was missing, there was still so much more I desired, so much more I felt I needed. I always knew that I would obtain a doctoral degree in some field of study be it psychology, counseling, or law. These things sounded great, and I could work hard to achieve a certain degree of success, but still my heart was not in those things and I had no undying passion or compulsion to achieve such. In spite of my secular career success, I constantly found myself being drawn to "the calling," the undying passion, the compulsion in my life to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, hurting, and broken who are yet in need of a savior.

Although I had been a licensed minister for six years and coordinated several ministry positions within the church, I found myself needing further development, wanting to seek God's face in order to pursue my calling, my purpose, and my destiny.

SBC has helped me to do just that. SBC is an awesome blessing, and it is helping me to finally take that walk of faith.

The books that I read and the class assignments I completed through SBC required that I constantly be in the Word seeking God's truth. And yes, I must tell you that I am so thankful to Dr. Jeff Victor, Brandon Gunderson, and the Instructors for their encouragement, dedication, and support. They were with me all the way.

SBC has not only helped me to obtain a Doctorate in Ministry, but my life has literally been changed through classes such as "Theology of Prayer," and "Biblical Counseling." Through these studies, I was unexpectedly able to heal a few wounds I didn't know I still had, increase my faith and trust in the Lord, and deepen my relationship with Christ Jesus. Through all of this, the Lord was able to show me a wonderful gift He had for me, a gift I almost missed because of my lack of trust and faith; the Lord showed me and helped me to see my now husband, Reverend Ralph Kimbrough III.

These classes help me to understand not just my calling but the depths of God's love and to see my prayers of having a wonderful, Godly mate answered. Well, I am applying for ordination through SBC, and I will forever be a support of this institution through prayer and whatever monetary support I am able to provide. I have grown tremendously, and I am experiencing the "Joy of the Lord."

Thank you, Dr. Victor and SBC!

Dr. Treva Free-Kimbrough
Treva Free Ministries

Pastor Chris Kostelansky

As a pastor of a local congregation, I found it an agonizing decision to leave ministry so I could go to school. I felt God already had me in ministry and to leave that call in order to get a degree was not what He had planned for me. I searched for an alternative without much success—then I found Summit Bible College. The price was within my reach, the courses sounded relevant and exciting, and the pace was something I could manage with my busy schedule. What impressed me most, however, was when I called to ask questions, Dr. Victor himself answered the phone. He answered all my questions with understanding and confidence, and I was sure that this was God's answer to my prayers.

Summit courses are challenging yet fun. I was learning new ways of doing ministry right from the very first course. I gained new insights into ministry and my commitment to Jesus Christ has been deepened. After two years I received my master's degree in theology, something I never thought possible before teaming up with Summit. They were there for me any time I had a question or problem. Dr. Jeff always left me with realistic answers and solutions. I am forever grateful to Dr. Victor and the whole Summit team. Their commitment to quality and affordability are rare in today's world. They are a wonderful testimony to God's will being fulfilled through willing servants.

Reverend Larry W. Loring

What a blessing my experience with Summit has been! I'm a full-time pastor/church planter with limited financial resources in the process of establishing a separate discipleship ministry. I had wanted to pursue post-graduate work for some time but was unable to find a program that would meet my unique needs, fit into my budget, use my experience, and incorporate my vision for future ministry—that is, until I discovered Summit.

Dr. Victor was able to custom-design a graduate program for me that is both intellectually challenging and appropriately focused on pursuing the vision, calling, and anointing God has placed on my life. It may be called "distance learning" by some, but Dr. Victor and his staff are attentive, supportive, encouraging, and engaging, so I never have the feeling that I'm going it alone.

I am so pleased with my experience that I am proactively encouraging my staff and leaders-in-training to consider pursuing their undergraduate and graduate education with Summit. I wholeheartedly endorse Summit Bible College's programs for anyone interested in advancing his or her ministry or theological education.

Thank you, Dr. Victor!

Reverend Larry W. Loring
Senior Pastor, The Carpenter's Table, Marlborough, MA
Founding Director, "The Carpenter's Apprentice," Discipleship Ministries

Thomas Woods

I can remember the day when I first began the quest of searching for a graduate school, and what a quest it was! I wanted to find a school that could provide me with a good education; it had to be very affordable and reputable. I wound up looking at well over 90 schools over two and a half years before I found an institution that could fulfill all of my requirements.

In all honesty I came across Summit Bible College completely by accident when I was online one evening. I decided to take a closer look. As I was looking over SBC's Web page, I was immediately drawn to the school due to its administration, advisors, and course offerings, which all appeared to be outstanding. I was beginning to feel that my search for a graduate school would finally be over.

All I can say is thank God for His intervention when He led me to SBC's Web site. However, I must admit that I still felt a need to make sure that there was no better school than SBC, so I continued my search for some time afterwards. I can honestly tell you that no other school of its size that offered courses through distance learning had the appeal or was as sound from a curriculum perspective than SBC.

Because I was so impressed with Summit Bible College, I decided that earning a Master of Divinity would be more of benefit to me than earning a business or human services degree. After enrolling and completing some courses, I have learned a great deal. The courses have been most challenging, and most importantly, they have helped me to grow in my faith.

I recently discovered that many of the authors that I have been reading in my course work have books that are being used in some of the most highly regarded seminaries and theological schools that have been in existence in this country for half a century or more. This speaks volumes about SBC and the quality of its Christian education. I am truly enjoying my experience with SBC, and I will be so proud and blessed when I finally earn my Master of Divinity.

It took two and a half years for me to find a school that offers a quality Christian education, responsive, caring, and qualified administrators and advisors, and great course offerings, and I can get all this from a school that is 2,226 miles away. I definitely made the right choice in choosing Summit Bible College.

Jason S.

Summit Bible College fills the educational needs of twenty-first century disciples who are serious about serving Jesus where they are planted.

My military career forced me to move every two to three years to every corner of the United States, and I've spent months in overseas locations on short notice. In addition, the responsibilities of being a faithful husband and father while serving as an active member of local churches didn't allow me to "drop everything" to go back to college, nor do I believe that was what God wanted me to do.

When I decided it was time to get formal education to demonstrate my commitment to Christ and deepen my relationship to Him, I initially wondered how God would provide a way. Formal education often entails high cost, residency requirements, and rigid timelines of class schedules with little flexibility for real life.

I needed exactly what Summit Bible College offers.

I've been more than impressed with the curriculum so far having completed all the doctorate program courses over the last eight months with a dissertation remaining to complete my degree. Each class has challenged me mentally, but the greatest benefit is the deeper relationship I've developed with my Lord because of the Summit Bible College texts and educational approach. What I may have missed out by not attending in-residence, I've gained two-fold by remaining in positions of leadership and service at my local church. And I know the difference having an in-residence master's degree from a top national university (Jason is an M.I.T. graduate).

I'm happy to endorse Summit Bible College's practical manner of helping real people seeking to serve the real Savior.

Jason S.
USAF Jet Pilot
Church Elder

Kandi B.

I was nearing the end of my second year at a different Bible college. It had been getting harder and harder to attend the required classes at that school with three children and a baby. I started looking online and praying for the Lord to lead me to a Bible college that offered distance learning and schooling that was reputable, anointed, and able to meet my specific needs. I wanted to receive education in Christian Counseling and I wanted to intensify my experience and expand my knowledge as a worship leader. I was also praying that whatever college God led me to would accept all 60 of my credits and see the past ten years of layman's ministry as life credits.

The first time I surfed onto Summit Bible College's Web site, I instantly felt spiritually connected with this school. I read over and over again all the different course subjects. I was so excited to see all the distinguished authors. I had already benefited from reading many of their books but to actually receive credit for it: What a deal! I read and reread all the application information.

I continually prayed and asked God to release me from the other college I attended and give me a confirmation that Summit was the college I was to attend. I asked my Pastor to check out Summit's Web site and asked him if he thought it was a good school (as my spiritual covering). He said it looked great!

A few weeks passed and I still felt that urge to attend Summit. As I continued praying, God released me from the other school and gave the confirmation I needed to enroll at Summit Bible College. I was fearful, yet excited. This was going to be a whole new adventure. It was definitely going to be a lot more challenging and a higher level of responsibility on my part to complete the assignments on time.

SBC accepted all 60 of my previous credits and gave me life credits for my ministry experience. Praise the Lord! During the first semester, I wondered, "Oh, Lord, what did I get myself into?" It was much more challenging than I had imagined. I hadn't written a report in years!

Through God's amazing grace, I completed my work on time and felt so satisfied with my achievements. I actually did it! I also got credit for reading books from some of my favorite authors. What a trade! I increased so much spiritually in the process, too. That was over six months ago, I now look forward to each new semester. I absolutely love this school!

Dr. Victor and the entire staff are utterly wonderful. What a blessing to be able to ask questions and converse with the Dean of a college and experience genuineness and absolutely no intimidation. He and the entire staff are there to help in every way. SBC also helps to get you started in ministry. Each course offers new bread for the spirit! Each class gives new insight, wisdom, and knowledge in the deeps things of God. I encourage anyone who is the slightest bit hesitant to enroll in Summit today. You will not regret it!

God's Word says, "He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty" (John 6:35). I came and he has filled me through Summit Bible College. I praise God for the bread that is offered at SBC. You will not walk away hungry or thirsty!

Pastor Derrik Miller

Summit Bible College has been a valuable tool for preparing me for ministry. I have found the classes to be both challenging and relevant. I highly recommend Summit Bible College to anyone who wants to be better equipped for the ministry God has put before them.

It's a great opportunity! Don't let it pass you by.

Pastor Derrik Miller
Christian Life Chapel


I am convinced the Lord led me to SBC! Initially, I simply wanted to "grow." Dr. Victor graciously composed a course of studies which included my areas of ministry, missions, worship, and prayer. As a registered nurse, I have been on mission trips to Albania, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. I taught worship in Albania and led worship in Haiti.

The courses Dr. Victor chose were excellent! As time went by, however, the Lord began to lead in a new direction. I was leading worship for a ladies group called Joy Restored Women's Group. The founder of the group asked me to join the leadership team. I knew the Lord was calling me to minister to women who were struggling. I brought this to Dr. Victor, and as expected, he welcomed this change in direction with open arms.

He helped rearrange my studies into the area of counseling. I am thoroughly enjoying the course material.

SBC truly is what it says it is! Summit makes learning affordable and do-able. Time is a premium for everyone. Oh, to be a teenage college student with a single focus on studies, but that is not where most of us are. Praise God: SBC understands that!

I highly recommend SBC to anyone. If you are simply seeking a college that will give you a closer walk with the Lord, this is it. If you are looking to attain a degree, this is the place to go. Look no further! As I stated in my first sentence, the Lord led me to SBC. Pray, and ask the Lord if SBC is the place He has chosen for you to become all that He has called you to be.

Deb H.

You may think it is quite amazing coming from a woman who could never abide by the rules of her term papers and lived in fear of failing because they were always too 'wordy' and exceeded the required number of pages, but I can only say two sentences for my testimony: "Thank you Jesus!" and "Look what the Lord has done!"

Those were my exact words when I received my diploma in the mail. When my eyes beheld the package with the Summit Bible College return address, I was like a kid opening her first Christmas present. I was home by myself, just God and me, and tears fell from my eyes when I saw the plaque! My first utterance was "Thank you Jesus!"

To put my experience of being a student at Summit Bible College in a more thoughtful sequence, I would say that He has taken the ashes from my life and glued them into a diploma. My mind is renewed in Christ. I have joy in my heart! The woman who carried many burdens and lived through many abuses is no more. Jesus has taught me His way. His burden is light and it is the sweetness of the Lord that I taste everyday led by the precious hands of those shepherds and teachers He has given to lead me.

I'm 41 and just beginning, and I thank all of the staff at Summit Bible College for their prayers, encouragement, and powerful curriculum.

Aimee S.

In 1997, God called me to a three-fold ministry with an emphasis in Christian Counseling. I discovered Summit Bible College online and began my classes. SBC has helped me in two ways.

First, the courses offered by Summit are available to those who have a full-time job and with a tuition that is feasible to pay.

The classes are in-depth, and I have learned very important materials that help me not only on the counseling side but in every aspect of life. The courses are not easy and demand a lot of studying and paperwork.

Second, the courses provided by Summit Bible College have helped my relationship with Christ grow closer and more intimate. They emphasize prayer and Bible reading. They emphasize discipline in your Christian walk, and teach you how to reach out to a lost and dying world.

I would highly recommend Summit Bible College to anyone that needs not only a good education but an "on-growing" relationship with the Lord.

Asha P.

I enrolled with SBC as an undergraduate student studying for my Bachelor in Theology with a major in worship in January 2001. The subjects they offer are "age appropriate" and suit the world today, and my major helped me realize my dream in getting to know the art of praise and worship.

Since I am attempting to get this degree as a correspondent student, I save time on traveling. The staff at SBC are always there to support me with their prayers and answer my queries, which may or may not be based on the curriculum. I was credited with over sixty units prior to starting my degree, which means I should finish with a Bachelor's in Theology in approximately one year.

SBC has become part of my extended family today. May God bless SBC!

Mark Swiger

The vision of Summit Bible College and its founder, Dr. Jeff Victor, is a vision that should be shared by every church and pastor in the world today.

I first heard of Summit by searching the Internet. I was looking for a Christian education program that would work in the church where I had been pastoring. We had a real need to train our people to fill leadership roles and to serve in the various ministries of the church.

We had people who were sincere and zealous to serve but were often young in the Lord or lacked a firm foundation in the Word. We also had people who were hungry for further study of the Word, more than they could get by only coming to regular services. Sending them to Bible college was not an option for us. Most had families and jobs and could not be uprooted. Some people are called to attend an anointed in-residence Bible college, but many are called to stay in their local church and receive training.

The distance learning programs I had seen used in the past were expensive and frankly, "dry." The people ended up with credits but little life. Summit was a real answer to prayer. The Summit curriculum is not bound by one particular denomination, so they are free to select current books by the most anointed and gifted ministries available today. I saw the changes the program made in the lives of the students.

My eldest daughter earned her Associates degree from Summit in one year. It was a lot of work, but she was excited by the classes and experienced wonderful spiritual growth. She was able to do the program even with a new baby at home and duties of being a wife and mother. She was recently asked to preach in her home church. I have heard comments from many about how gifted and anointed she is. She accumulated and still uses the 20 textbooks from the classes in her personal library.

Everybody in the church who took the classes grew and was blessed. They are serving in ministry, active in church leadership, or ministering to people in the workplace. "By the fruits you shall know them." I know the Summit program blesses and changes lives. Part of Summit's vision is to keep the program affordable. It is likely the least expensive program available today.

Robert Lands

Dr. Victor;

I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the school. I have really learned a lot from you and your teachers. I personally believe God directed me to your school and I believe you have some of the best teachers in the country. It has been a great experience for me and I believe it has changed my life tremendously.

God Bless!

Robert Lands

Caitlin Colebrook

I started attending Summit in January of 09’ when I was 20 years old. Within my first year at this college I have found what I’m most passionate about, that is living for Jesus. It’s very common for people my age to lose themselves in their college years, but I have found myself! Summit is like a fountain of living water in my life; Jesus is here and ready to give us what we need to be healed, delivered and equipped to minister to those in need. The professors are the most positively influential and compassionate people I’ve ever had the opportunity to learn from. I encourage anyone who is looking to learn more about Jesus to come to this college and learn more about what the Lord has planned for them!