Our Alumni - Connections and influence

Our alumni community has active ministers in 49 States and 10 different countries!

Members of this ministry network occupy key community leadership roles across the globe. Summit’s network exists to promote and encourage mutual support among alumni by prayer, encouragement, and communication.  We are committed to maintaining a strong and meaningful ministry network for all our graduates, delivering a range of alumni services and benefits that create mutually beneficial lifelong relationships and professional networking opportunities.

Summit Bible College - Ministers Fellowship

Alumni Spotlight

Through our alumni spotlight, we provide access to news of the amazing ministries and work our alumni is doing around the world. Each of our alumni has stories to share about their time at Summit Bible College. We are proud to announce a page devoted to such an endeavor.

SBC Alumnist Sheryl Geisbrecht
Summit Bible College Alumnist Sheryl Geisbrecht, has made exchanging hurt for hope her lifes focus. Sheryl's passion for God and His word is evident in her Bible teaching, through more than twenty-five years of marriage to a pastor, parenting two children and overcoming addictions, her paractical illustrations tap into the abundace of God's restoring love. Her triumphs include beating cancer, recovery from emotional scars of substance abuse, addictions and sexual sin, enduring losses and redeeming pain. The moment you hear Sheryl teach about release from the prisons of addictions, shame, entrapping sin and how God's love gives freedom, you will drink deeply and come up asking for more.

Sheryl reaches out to the world with her heart for the broken hearted. She is a speaker advocate for Compassion International, "Releasing Children from Poverty." Her desire is to encourage others to give physical, emotional and spiritual support to the over 450 million poverty-stricken children in the world, that's about one-fourth of all children, who love on less than one dollar a day. Maybe you can't change the world, but you can change the world for one child!

Working to bring hope to local high school students, Sheryl developed the Positive Options Program (POP) for truant students. Meeting regularly with confused and angry students, Sheryl tells them, "God is the best choice they can make, and if they haven't tried Him, they should!"

Listen to Sheryl On Line at www.KAXL.com or visit her website From Ashes to Beauty.

Summit Bible College Alumni - Dr Michael Mannia

One of Summit’s finest,  Dr. Michael Mannia,  received his ordination through SBC’s Minister’s Fellowship.  For the past twenty-five years, through Christ Jesus, Michael has lived life as an over-comer to the crippling effects of sin and guilt.  Dr. Mannia is founder of KCM, and is Board Certified as a Pastoral Counselor with the Board of Christian Professional & Pastoral Counselors - as well as a member in good standing with the American Association of Christian Counselors

Michael is a dynamic speaker, addressing audiences both large and small—offering life-changing instruction on how to overcome the crippling effects of sin and guilt.  To contact Dr. Mannia, please email him at drm@kcmcounseling.com

If you are interested in having Dr. Mannia speak at your church or Christian organization, please call Kingdom Community Ministries at 661.324.4070.